An amazing culinary experience

Catering service onboard. Having a restaurant experience onboard one of our yacht is something you should definetely try once in your life. Beautiful energy, great background music and service will make you feel the bliss. Depending the vessel, up to 8 guests we can set a comfortable and elegant table.

Our partnership with Chef Guillaume Gressani allows us to deliver high quality catering service to our VIP guest. Do not forget to add some prestigious wines to your order to make the moment a real bliss.

We hope that our selection of menu below will please you.


  • Lentil salad with bacon and small vegetaable with balsamic sauce
  • Mahi Mahi creole sauce
  • Lemon grilled chicken
  • Chickpea salad
  • Chocolate cake or apple pie


  • Cobb salad - smoked wahoo
  • Grilled mahi mahi and marinated shrimp
  • Honey and balsamic duck breast
  • Italian pasta salad
  • Tiramisu


  • Tomato mozzarella
  • Smoked wahoo - mesclun salad
  • Half lobster salsa sauce passion
  • Veal rotie aioli tapenade
  • Quinoa salad
  • Sweet fruit tray

Chef Guillaume Gressani

Guillaume GRESSANI is french a talented chef who was working in prestigious restaurants in the south of France (Côte d’Azur). With passion, he mixes the best of the caribbean and french cuisine. For the catering service onboard our yachts, he will use mostly fresh local vegetables,fruits, fishes and products.

Arrived in 2016 in Saint Martin, he worked for few years in the best tables of the island before to create his own catering service business.

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