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Funseaker is proud to introduce a new E-foil by FLITE! The FLITESCOOTER, now everyone can fly!


Flitescooter 2023 – Fliteboarding Made Accessible – Available for Rent at Funseaker!

Experience the Flitescooter Revolution:

The Flitescooter, presented by the Australian manufacturer Fliteboard, offers an eFoil experience tailored to beginners, allowing them to glide effortlessly on the water in no time. While a traditional eFoil involves two points of contact with the board (both feet), the Flitescooter enhances stability through the use of a handlebar, creating four points of contact.

Although the concept of an eFoil with a handlebar isn’t entirely new – the Hydroflyer was already introduced last year – the Flitescooter brings its own unique touch to the scene. The sensation of riding the Flitescooter, based on our experience with the Hydroflyer, may not provide groundbreaking thrills for seasoned eFoil enthusiasts, but it undoubtedly offers an enjoyable and memorable experience. For those seeking a dry transport option from point A to B, vehicles like the Hydroflyer or Flitescooter present alternatives to tender boats.


Enhanced Stability and Comfort:
Boasting 225 liters of buoyancy, the Flitescooter guarantees secure footing even when stationary. In contrast, the Hydroflyer features a volume of only 160 liters – equivalent to the Fliteboard Air eFoil. The Flitescooter promises to deliver an enhanced stability experience.

Handlebar Convenience:
Adapting to the handlebar control may require a brief learning curve for seasoned eFoil riders. However, beginners will appreciate the handlebar’s added security. In case of a fall, holding onto the handlebar ensures that the motor and wings remain on the opposite side, enhancing safety.

Adaptable Design: The Flitescooter’s versatility shines with the option to remove the handlebar, transforming it into a traditional eFoil. All components, including the battery, remote control, wings, mast, and propulsion system, are compatible with the Fliteboard series 3.

Proudly Offered by Funseaker – Your Ultimate Rental Experience:
Funseaker is thrilled to introduce the all-new Flitescooter to our fleet! As a premier rental provider, we ensure an unforgettable fliteboarding adventure. Our dedicated team delivers the Flitescooter directly to you, providing comprehensive instructions and guidance on operation before each rental.

Perfect for Beginners and Family Fun:
Flite positions the Flitescooter as an entry-level solution for fliteboarding, making it an excellent choice for newcomers. Its ease of use also makes it suitable for eFoil rentals. Additionally, the Flitescooter simplifies transitioning from a boat to land, eliminating the need to get wet – a convenient alternative to tender boats.

In summary, the Flitescooter redefines accessibility, bringing fliteboarding to a wider audience. It’s not just an eFoil; it’s a pathway to unforgettable aquatic adventures. Discover the future of fliteboarding with Funseaker and the Flitescooter!


  • Length: 213 cm x 88 cm
  • Volume: 237 L
  • Weight with battery: 30 kg (Sport battery), 34 kg (Explore battery)
  • E-foil System Mast: 60 cm
  • Materials: Carbon / Anodized Aluminum
  • Motor: Extremely quiet 60 mm diameter brushless motor
  • Power: 6,000 W
  • Propulsion: Jet drive
  • Wing Set: Cruiser jet 1800
  • Speed: 45 km/h
  • Range: 75 minutes with Sport battery / 106 minutes with Explore battery
  • Power Adjustment: Multiple levels of adjustment from the remote control
  • Charging Time: 2 hours for Explore battery, 1 hour 30 minutes for Sport battery

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