Underwater scooters for yacht charter from Anguilla, St Barth and St Martin

Underwater scooter, especially the Seabob F5S, iAQUA Nano 600 Max, Altivs APX, and Robosea Warp 10, have become a thrilling and indispensable part of marine leisure activities. These devices are not just about advanced performance; they’re about fun and excitement, making them a must-have for any catamaran, yacht, or super yacht charter. Funseaker, in its partnerships with super yachts across St Martin, Anguilla, and St Barth , offers these models for rent and sale, bringing the joy of underwater exploration to guests.

We deliver your underwater scooters directly to your yacht in St Martin, Anguilla and St Barth.

Overview of Underwater Scooters

These electric Underwater scooter offer a blend of speed and endurance, designed to elevate the enjoyment of underwater activities ranging from casual snorkeling to more adventurous diving.

Features and Innovations

  • Seabob F5S: This eco-friendly scooter reaches speeds up to 20 km/h and has a battery life of 70 minutes, perfect for extended joyrides under the sea.
  • iAQUA Nano 600 Max: With a top speed of 21 km/h and a battery life of 45 minutes, it’s designed for those seeking exhilarating, high-speed underwater adventures.
  • Altivs APX: Ideal for easy-going exploration, it offers a speed of 15 km/h and a battery life of 60 minutes, suited for relaxed fun.
  • Robosea Warp 10: Combining technology and performance, this scooter reaches 8,5 km/h and has a 60-minute battery life, appealing to tech lovers and adventure seekers.

Comparative Analysis

The Seabob F5S and iAQUA Nano 600 Max stand out for thrill-seekers and luxury enthusiasts, while the Altivs APX is perfect for more laid-back enjoyment. The Robosea Warp 10 offers a fun experience for low weights as kids and under 75kg.

Practical Applications

While enhancing leisure and adventure, these scooters also play a role in underwater filming and marine research, adding a fun dimension to these activities. Funseaker ensures these exciting scooters are available for diverse needs in the Caribbean’s premier yachting destinations.

Safety and Regulations

While focusing on fun, the importance of adhering to safety guidelines and regulations remains paramount for the enjoyment and security of all users.

The popularity of underwater scooter is growing, driven by their fun factor and technological improvements.

The Seabob F5S, iAQUA Nano 600 Max, Altivs APX, and Robosea Warp 10 have redefined fun in the marine leisure sector. Their availability through Funseaker’s partnerships in St Martin, Anguilla, and St Barth highlights their crucial role in enriching the charter experience on catamarans, yachts, and super yachts.