Private yacht charter

1. SEABOB F5S the perfect day companion

The SEABOB F5S is a powerful and fast underwater scooter. With a top speed of 20km/h underwater, it’s a real sensation of speed. He is so fast at the maximum speed that it’s impossible to keep it for a long time. With 45 minutes of autonomy, it’s more than enough time to enjoy some nice dolphin jump or stroll around the boat.

The SEABOB is easy to use with only two handles with an accelerator trigger, a button to speed up and down.

More over, for a great experience book two seabobs and challenge your friends!

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Private yacht charter


As many places are considered as Marine Reserve, the usage of the Seabob F5S is forbidden in many locations.

Please find below the different locations where you will be able to play with the seabob.

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Private yacht charter

3. Price

The FUNSEAKER Yachting company own one SEABOB F5S and rent a second or third one to a third party company when needed. The cost is $300/charter but it’s for free if you book 2 days.

seabob F5S


$300for an hour
  • Training by the crew
  • For free if you book two charters!
  • 25% Discount if you book the jetsurf
  • Available on VOGUE and STELLAR
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