The company FUNSEAKER was created with two partners, Sebastien ALEXANDRE, Virginie LECUYER and Takeshi HUE. They bought the first POWERCAT LEOPARD 47 with in mind the concept to put a maximum of watertoys and a mega yacht grade of service.


We bought our first SEABOB F5S


We bought our first SEABOB F5S and thanks to the success of the first power catamaran, they decided to buy a brand new LEOPARD 51PC.
Unfortunately the hurricane IRMA detroyed Anguilla, Saint Barth and Saint Martin as well as the LEOPARD 47.


We received our brand new LEOPARD 51 but the island was so damaged that customers were very shy so Virginie and Sebastien had to move to another project.

2019 - 2020 COVID

Anguilla closed their borders, so we had to deal with itineraries around Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy.

Job boat charter


Life is going slowly back to normal thanks to the effort of the captain Nelson FRANCK who will become partner and director of FUNSEAKER SAS.


To celebrate the 10th years of FUNSEAKER, for the first time we buy a brand new motor yacht SCHAEFER V33 called STELLAR. The beautiful and modern lines of that 34ft yachts are amazing.