ScoobiToo Food and Drinks Menus

Bon Appétit! Regular Tour Food
Private Charter Food

On private charter, we offer the menus described above and below. Custom-made menus and special drinks can be organized. Should you sail during sunset, we can recommend a full four-course gourmet dinner.

Caribbean Buffet
(With minimum 12 passengers – private charter only)
— Grilled Marinated Shrimps (3 pp)
— Mahi mahi with creole sauce
— Chicken curried salad
— Wild rice salad with Apricots
— Caesar Salad
— French cheese platter
— Assortment of breads
— Brownies with coffee

Prestige Buffet
(With minimum 12 passengers – private charter only)
— Planters punch, ti punch
— Antipasti platter
— Mesclun salad with caramelized pecans and Mango
— Half lobster with spicy mayo
— Sliced filet Mignon with tarragon sauce
— Sweet Potato salad with olive oil
— French cheese platter
— Assortment of breads
— Brownies with coffee

On regular tours, we serve the “Gourmet Buffet” for lunch.

Gourmet Buffet
— Poached salmon (or mahi-mahi) w/ Dill sauce (creole)
— Chicken salad sautéed w/veggies
— Fresh Mediterranean pasta salad
— Fresh taboulé (cous cous) with mint
— French cheese platter
— Assortment of breads
— Banana cake with coffee

Open bar with “JR”, a professional bar tender *
We have a well sorted standard open bar that includes bottled water, coke, diet coke, sprite, club soda, tonic, fruit juice. There’s also wine (red, rosé and white), beer (Heineken, Presidente, Coors Light), spirits (rum, vodka, gin) and of course our specialty: the Scoobi Fruit or Rum Punch.
* Open bar for onboard drinks only. All-you-can-eat drinks do not include champagnes, wines and premium spirits.

Scoobitoo’s captain and owner Stephane used to be a renowned chef. Despite his extensive sense of humor, food and wines are “no joke”.

All our lunches include an assortment of French wines and cheese 🍷🧀. Every morning, fresh bread and croissants are delivered from the bakery Bacchus L’Express.

The buffets are prepared by Fabulous Feast, a renown caterer for private parties, weddings and yachts in St. Barth and St. Martin.

Light snacks (veggie dips, banana cake, nuts/pretzels…) will be proposed during the tour.