Historical capital

Saint Barth was sold to Sweden in 1794, this is why the capital from Saint Barthemy is called Gustavia, in honor of its king Gustavia III. But the real boom of St Barth started between the 60’s and the 70’s when the two wealthiest families of the world started to come for vacation followed by the first jet-setters. As one of the safest place in the world, billionaires and super stars from the world are coming every year during the winter time.

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Beautiful beach

Saint Barth offers 14 pristine beaches. From the world famous Nikki Beach at Saint Jean to the hidden paradise of la plage de Gouverneur where the famous billionaire Roman ABRAMOVITCH settle his new villa, each beach is preserved at its best state. Privacy, desert and shallow water, Anse de Colombier and Fourchue island are one of our top destination for yacht charter in Saint Barth as these beaches aren’t easily accessible by walk.

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Luxury shopping

Gustavia is the number one place when it comes to luxury shopping. As a first class destination, all the luxury brands are present with custom made collections specially for Saint Barth. Prada, Cartier, Bulgari, Dolce & Cabbana, Rolex and many other luxury brands has their dedicated shop. If you charter a yacht from Saint Martin or Anguilla, Gustavia will offer also the best place for gift and souvenir.

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Natural Reserve

Swim with sea turtles, sting rays and many tropical fishes. St Barthelemy has an outstanding natural reserve located on the north side of the island. With numerous snorkeling spots like Ile fourchue, Anse du Gouverneur, you’ll find some nice under and above the water scenaries.

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Finest restaurant

The lunch time is an important part of your boat charter. You can choose to have a lunch onboard (VOGUE only) or to choose a beach restaurant. We usually go to Saint Jean beach at the Nikki beach or Gypsy beach. The food and the atmosphere will make you live the thrill of Saint Barth at its best.

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Meet billionaires and superstar

Saint Barth has developed his tremendous success through the numerous stars and billionaires who has settled their winter trip in beautiful hidden villas all around the island or among the most luxurious megayachts anchored in the bay of Gustavia. The very famous French singer Johny Halliday insisted to have his grave in his beloved island.

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Follow the race

Funseaker offers you a perfect option to follow the Bucket Regatta in March, Les voiles de Saint Barth in April or the Saint Barth Cata cup in November! With our fast power catamaran VOGUE 51 or our speed boat Stellar 34, live the experience at its best!

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