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Best catamaran charter company in St Martin ?

Who is the best catamaran charter company in St. Martin? We tell you why FUNSEAKER is definitely your best choice for a…

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Why Sandy Island, Anguilla, is in Our Top 3 Bucket List

Sandy Island is one of our top 3 favorite destination for a boat charter from Anguilla or St Martin. Discover why and…

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Discover Prickly Pear – Anguilla boat charter to paradise

Prickly Pear Anguilla is one of the top destination if you are looking for a great lunch on a paradise tiny island.

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Powercat or sailing catamaran charter which one to choose ?

Our clients often ask for us between Powercat or sailing catamaran charter which one to choose ? So we made this guide!

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Our St Martin catamaran charter FAQ

Our St. Martin Catamaran Charters FAQ was created to help our future clients easily choose one of the FUNSEAKER…

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BOTE HANGOUT floating chairs are available on our catamaran charter

BOTE HANGOUT is now available on the catamaran charters from St Martin and Anguilla. FUNSEAKER is proud to propose only…

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Your unforgettable day trip from St Martin to Anguilla

Embark on day trips from St Martin to Anguilla with FUNSEAKER CHARTER. Experience a day trip like no other, with…

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