You just landed to Princess Juliana Airport and you stay in Anguilla?

If you need just a transfer from St Maarten Airport to Anguilla, no worry there’s a sea shuttle in place nearby the exit of the airport. Funseaker is not providing transfers from the airport but you can contact the company Calypso Charters which will provide a quick and safe shuttle from the airport to Blowing Point Anguilla.

You want to visit Anguilla for a day?

There’s two ways to visit Anguilla for a day. You can choose to take the ferry from Marigot (French side) to Blowing point from $35/pax (one way every hours from 8:40AM to 5:40PM) or to choose take a private boat transfer to anywhere in Anguilla. Funseaker is doing day private charter from $700 + taxes (two ways the same day) from Marina Fort Louis to Anguilla

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Why to choose Funseaker for your day to Anguilla ?

Anguilla has nothing to do on the land. The only purpose of going to Anguilla is to enjoy the amazing white sand beaches. We have made our top 5 lists !

  1. You won’t lose time at the customs, we take care of everything prior to your charter
  2. You won’t have to pay for a cab or pay for a temporary driver licence if you rent a car
  3. You’ll have a full overview of most of the spots in one day and even the time to have a BBQ lunch in a desert island! Our yachts are fast and safe, perfect to enjoy the day far from the crowd.
  4. You’ll have a full service and a guided tour about the different spots
  5. You’ll visit at least one desert island (Sandy Island or Prickly Pear) which are very famous for their beauty.

We provide powerboat or catamarans. The powerboat will allow more spots to discover thanks to its speed whether the catamaran will give you more comfort, service and space to enjoy your day above the water.

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Where to go in priority during your day to Anguilla ?

This is our top 8 list !

Book a private day to Anguilla

Where to take the ferry from St Maarten to Anguilla

Anguilla St. Maarten Ferry Terminal

Calypso charters Anguilla at Blowing point

Ferry SXM to Anguilla


Where to take the ferry from St Martin to Anguilla

Gare Maritime, Marigot, Saint Martin FWI 97150


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