Powercat or sailing catamaran charter which one to choose ?

Powercat or sailing catamaran charter which one to choose ?

The main difference lies in the type of vessel. While traditional catamaran charters are sail-based, power catamarans offer faster and more powerful engines, providing a different kind of sailing experience.

Power catamaran St Martin Charter
Power catamaran St Martin Charter

Power Catamaran vs. Sailing Catamaran: A Comprehensive Comparison with a Focus on Funseaker’s Fleet

When exploring the captivating world of catamarans, two main types emerge as popular choices: power catamarans and sailing catamarans. Each offers a distinct sailing experience, appealing to different types of maritime enthusiasts. In this detailed comparison, we’ll look at the differences between these two types, with a special focus on Funseaker’s fleet, which includes two power catamarans – Vogue (Leopard 51PC) and ORA (Leopard 53PC), and a sailing catamaran – Lagoon 51.

Design and Build

Power Catamarans (e.g., Funseaker’s Vogue and ORA): These vessels are engineered for motorized cruising, featuring larger engines and a design that prioritizes spacious interiors. Funseaker’s Vogue and ORA exemplify this with their broad hulls, ample amenities, and larger fuel tanks, providing a luxurious and comfortable experience.

LAGOON 51 Sailing catamaran St Martin
LAGOON 51 Sailing catamaran charter St Martin

Sailing Catamarans (e.g., Funseaker’s Lagoon 51): Built for wind-powered travel, sailing catamarans like Funseaker’s Lagoon 51 are equipped with sails and masts and boast a streamlined design with slimmer hulls, ideal for efficient sailing.

Performance and Speed

Power Catamarans: Known for their speed, power catamarans like Vogue and ORA offer quick travel over long distances, performing consistently in various sea conditions.

Sailing Catamarans: Depending on the wind, sailing catamarans can offer a thrilling ride. The Lagoon 51, for example, provides an authentic sailing experience that varies with wind conditions and crew skill.

Vogue flybridge power catamaran
Vogue flybridge power catamaran

Comfort and Space

Power Catamarans: The absence of sails and masts in models like Vogue and ORA results in more living space, translating to larger cabins, lounges, and additional amenities. The FLYBRIDGE is one of the main gain in term of space as shown in the comparative pictures below.

Sailing Catamarans: Though slightly more compact due to sailing equipment, modern designs like the Lagoon 51 have improved living conditions and luxurious fittings.

Power catamaran huge flybridge
Power catamaran huge flybridge
Flybridge smaller on sailing catamaran
Flybridge smaller on sailing catamaran

Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Impact

Power Catamarans: These consume more fuel, which can lead to higher operational costs and environmental impact.

Sailing Catamarans: The Lagoon 51 and similar models are more environmentally friendly, using wind power and being more fuel-efficient.

Sailing catamaran charter
Sailing catamaran charter

Maneuverability and Handling

Power Catamarans: Vogue and ORA are easy to maneuver, especially in tight spots, making them user-friendly for less experienced sailors.

Sailing Catamarans: The Lagoon 51 requires more skill to navigate, offering a hands-on experience for sailing enthusiasts.

Cost and Maintenance

Power Catamarans: The cost for power catamarans, including maintenance and fuel, can be higher, but they require less upkeep related to sails and rigging.

Sailing Catamarans: These are more cost-effective in terms of fuel but require complex maintenance due to their rigging and sails.

Ideal Usage

Power Catamarans: Funseaker’s Vogue and ORA are perfect for luxury cruises and long-distance travels, appealing to those seeking comfort and ease.

Sailing Catamarans: The Lagoon 51 is ideal for traditional sailing lovers and shorter, environmentally conscious trips.


Whether you choose a power catamaran like Funseaker’s Vogue or ORA, or a sailing catamaran like the Lagoon 51, depends on your preferences and sailing needs. Power catamarans offer speed and comfort for a relaxed experience, while sailing catamarans provide an authentic, environmentally friendly sailing adventure. Both types in Funseaker’s fleet cater to a range of preferences, ensuring a memorable experience at sea.