What makes FUNSEAKER the best charter company in Saint Martin and Anguilla?

In 2012, when FUNSEAKER launched its catamaran charter business in Saint Martin, no one else offered Stand Up Paddleboards, floating mats, or Seabobs. Leveraging our experience in water sports, we simply brought water sports onto catamarans to become the most successful catamaran charter company in Saint Martin and Anguilla until Hurricane IRMA in 2017. After the hurricane, many competitors entered the market, copying our concept, pitch, and the look of our boats. Thanks to our creativity and hard work every day, FUNSEAKER managed to regain its leading position with the acquisition of a new power catamaran, arriving on the island just before the COVID epidemic.

Catamaran or Power Catamaran
Our brand new Catamaran or Power Catamaran

1 – The only day yacht charter company that buys new catamarans in Saint Martin

Most of our clients, having first been on refurbished catamarans and then on FUNSEAKER’s new catamarans, told us: “There’s no comparison”. In Saint Martin, almost all charter companies use the title of LUXURY CATAMARAN CHARTER. For us, luxury indeed means a positive emotion of well-being but also a high-end, luxurious catamaran, kept in a new condition. This is not possible in the case of a refurbished wreck for a few tens of thousands of euros.


Wreck from IRMA
Wreck from IRMA

2 – The competition of refurbished wrecks from hurricanes. What’s the difference?

It’s clear that between a wreck and a brand new boat, there are many different arguments.

  • Purchase price: A catamaran wreck can be bought for between 30 and 150,000 euros, to which 60 to 250,000 euros of repairs are added to make it presentable. For a total budget of 120 to 400,000 euros, it is possible to have a 40 to 65-foot catamaran ready for charter, while it would have cost between 300 and 950,000 euros to buy these same units used. However, if the difference is not noticeable from afar, it is when you step on a reconstructed wreck catamaran versus an original catamaran.
  • Charter price: It seems that a repaired catamaran wreck rents for almost the same price as a new catamaran of similar size. However, with a purchase cost 4 times lower, it is possible for these companies to lower the rate without harming their profitability. FUNSEAKER offers extremely competitive rates, allowing our clients for the same price or about 10% less to have a new catamaran, larger in size and with the widest choice of onboard distractions. This is the key to FUNSEAKER’s success.
  • Aesthetics: Catamarans that have been refurbished for charter are sailing catamarans where the mast has been cut due to damage. The interiors have been redone in an artisanal way that looks from afar like the original version of the boat. The look of the boats does not conform to that of the original catamaran.
  • Navigation comfort: Without the mast, the catamaran is no longer in its optimal navigation configuration. Its center of gravity changes. The cabin roof is transformed into a second floor but it was not originally designed for this use.
  • Cleanliness: In the notion of luxury, it is essential that the cleanliness of our catamarans remains impeccable. When a boat is original and maintained in condition, the boat breathes, smells good, and gives off a positive impression of chic. When elements have been replaced, there’s a feeling of DIY that breaks the pleasure of being on this exclusive object that represents yachting.


Inside our brand New LEOPARD 53 PC ORA

3 – No refurbished wreck in our fleet, why?

We want to stay on high-end, recent, clean, and original catamarans. For us, yachting is an exclusive, chic, and refined world. Our demanding clientele wishes to maintain a refined lifestyle and a high-quality service that we provide them. We are proud to see satisfaction in our clients’ eyes when they come aboard.


4 – Why does FUNSEAKER offer catamaran charters over 40ft?

The Caribbean offers seas of an unmatched turquoise. However, the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea can sometimes be rough. A larger vessel allows for greater stability in roll and pitch, especially at anchor where staying on a rocking catamaran is very unpleasant.


5 – Ship fleet in compliance with French Commercial Vessel regulations

In the case of a non-NUC ship, the client takes all the responsibilities. They must hire the captain and rent the boat under two completely different contracts to be compliant. FUNSEAKER is proud to offer ships 100% in compliance with French commercial vessel legislation, called NUC. Our catamarans are dedicated to charter and do not house crew to keep the catamarans in optimal