Our St Martin catamaran charter FAQ

Are SXM St Martin Catamaran Charters Worth It?

Absolutely! Our St Martin catamaran charter FAQ was made to give you as much informations as possible.

FUNSEAKER’s St. Martin catamaran charters offer a unique blend of luxury, adventure, and fun. Sailing on the crystal-clear Caribbean waters around St. Martin and Sint Maarten is an unforgettable experience. With state-of-the-art catamarans and an array of water toys, these charters are more than just a trip; they’re an adventure of a lifetime.

How Long Is a St Martin Catamaran Charter?

From 2 hours to 8 hours

FUNSEAKER offers a range of charter lengths to suit various needs. From a 2 hours sunset cruise to a full day excursions, we tailor the duration to your preference. Whether you want a quick getaway or an extended exploration, there’s a perfect option for you.

How Many Guests Can Hold on a Catamaran Charter in SXM?

We can hold up to 20 passengers

Because of the french regulations, the capacity varies depending on the specific catamaran.
We offer a range of sizes to accommodate different group sizes, from small family gatherings to larger parties. Our power catamarans are limited to 12 guests, whereas sailing catamarans can accommodate more than 18 guests.

What to Bring for a Sint Maarten Catamaran Charter?

The most important is to bring your passports and some cash. We recommend bringing sunscreen eco friendly, swimwear, a hat, sunglasses, and a camera to capture the memories. For specific trips, you might want to bring additional items, which our team will advise you on upon booking.

How Much Does It Cost to Do a St Martin Catamaran Charter with Funseaker?

From $1790 to $4990 !

The cost of a St. Martin catamaran charter with FUNSEAKER varies depending on the duration of the charter, the size of the catamaran, and the specific services and amenities requested. However, we pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing for unparalleled experiences. For detailed pricing, visit our website or contact our customer service team.

LEOPARD 53PC in Gustavia St Barth
LEOPARD 53PC in Gustavia St Barth

What to See During the St Martin Catamaran Charters?

St. Martin’s coastlines are dotted with stunning beaches, secluded coves, and vibrant marine life. Each charter is an opportunity to explore these natural wonders, along with the unique cultural sights each side of the island offers.

St. Martin’s coastlines boast stunning beaches, secluded coves, and vibrant marine life. Each charter is an opportunity to explore these natural wonders and the unique cultural sights that each side of the island offers.


1 – Visit Deserted Islands

St Martin is home to various deserted islands such as Pinel Island, Tintamarre, and Creole Rock. Anguilla also boasts its own idyllic spots, including Sandy Island, Prickly Pear, Dog Island, and Scrub Island. Additionally, Fourchue Island in St. Barth is a highly sought-after destination for our clients.

2 – Discover Underwater Life

We have a vibrant underwater life in Sint Maarten. The Creole Rock in front of Grand Case is one of the most epic snorkeling

3 – Experience New Sensations with Our Luxury Water Toys

Our charters are packed with activities but nothing beats the luxury water toys as the underwater sea scooter Seabob F5S, the E-Foil FLITE SCOOTER or the E-SURF RADINN.

From snorkeling in hidden coves to paddleboarding alongside scenic coastlines, there’s something for everyone. We also offer specialized activities like sunset cruises, private dinners, and more.

4 – Enjoy Lunch in a Paradise Spot

St. Martin is renowned as the culinary capital of the Caribbean. Esteemed French chefs operate in restaurants on the French side, such as Le Pressoir and Ocean 82 in Grand Case.

Our favorite lunch spots include Karibuni on Pinel Island, but Sandy Island and Aurora at Rendez-Vous Bay are also excellent choices.

To learn more about these restaurants, please visit our list of the TOP 5 restaurants for lunch during your yacht charter

5 – Explore the Coasts of St. Martin, Anguilla, and St. Barth from the Sea

From the sea, all your tensions are going away, giving you the opportunity to relax and discover how small and beautiful are St Martin, Sint Maarten and Anguilla. During the winter time, the island is green and beautiful thanks to the rain mostly at night. It’s so refreshing to see the turquoise color from the sea and some green scenaries. When you sail, all the beaches will seem so close by each others. It’s a good way to understand the geography from the islands. No more GPS needed!

Pinel Island - Catamaran charter St Martin
Pinel Island - Catamaran charter St Martin
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What is included in the St Martin Catamaran Charters?

Our catamaran charters typically include a skilled captain, crew, fuel, and use of onboard amenities and water toys (except luxury water toys as E Foil, E surf, Seabob). Additional services like catering and special requests can also be arranged.

During the day cocktails, Rosé, white wine, soft drinks, beers and snacks are complementary to your trip!

Mate Siham preparing cocktail catamaran
Mate Siham preparing cocktail catamaran
Catamaran charter dinghy drop
Catamaran charter dinghy drop Anguilla

What Kind of Catamarans Are Chartered by FUNSEAKER?

FUNSEAKER’s fleet comprises modern, luxurious catamarans equipped with the latest amenities and safety features. Ranging from compact models ideal for intimate groups to larger vessels for bigger parties, each catamaran is designed for comfort, style, and performance.

Why is FUNSEAKER the Best Catamaran Charter Operator in St Maarten?


Tripadvisor catamaran charter st martin reviews
Tripadvisor catamaran charter st martin reviews

FUNSEAKER stands out for its commitment to quality, luxury, and customer satisfaction. Our extensive experience, personalized services, and dedication to creating memorable experiences make us the top choice in St Maarten SXM and St. Martin.

You can check our 5 stars reviews on our Trip advisor page or Google Business page

Siham Green ORA's Hotess
Siham Green ORA's Hotess
catamaran charter VS speedboat charter
catamaran charter VS speedboat charter

Why Opt for a Catamaran Charter Over a Speed Boat Charter?

Thinking about a catamaran adventure with FUNSEAKER in St. Martin?
Here’s why it’s a fantastic idea, especially aboard our stunning catamarans, VOGUE 51ft, Leopard 53PC or Lagoon 51 SOFIA :

  1. Stability and Comfort on VOGUE and SOFIA: Our FUNSEAKER catamarans, including the sleek VOGUE 51ft and the majestic Lagoon 51 SOFIA, offer unparalleled stability. This means smooth sailing and no seasickness, just pure enjoyment on the waters of St. Martin.
  2. Spacious Luxury: Both VOGUE and SOFIA boast expansive decks and luxurious interiors, perfect for lounging, dining, or soaking up the Caribbean sun.
  3. Water Fun Made Easy: With plenty of deck space on VOGUE and SOFIA, activities like snorkeling and diving are a breeze. Jump into the azure waters right from the catamaran!
  4. Navigate Shallow Waters: Glide into those secluded bays and nearshore beauty spots that are inaccessible to larger vessels, thanks to the shallow drafts of VOGUE and SOFIA.
  5. Eco-friendly Adventures: Sailing with FUNSEAKER means respecting nature. Both VOGUE and SOFIA harness wind power, offering an eco-friendlier way to explore.
  6. Chill in Style: It’s all about relaxed, stylish cruising. The elegance of VOGUE and the charm of SOFIA, combined with the soothing sounds of the sea, make for a blissful experience.
  7. Perfect for Groups: Whether you’re with family or friends, VOGUE and SOFIA have ample space for everyone to enjoy without feeling cramped.

So, for an unforgettable sailing experience in St. Martin, choose FUNSEAKER and set sail on either VOGUE 51ft or Lagoon 51 SOFIA. It’s not just a journey; it’s a luxurious adventure on the sea.

Do You Provide Catamaran Rental in St Martin or Sint Maarten?

Yes, FUNSEAKER offers catamaran rentals in both St Martin and Sint Maarten. You can choose from a variety of catamarans to suit your needs and preferences.

We hope that you enjoyed our St Martin catamaran charter FAQ!