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Start your holiday perfectly by embarking with us for an unforgettable day discovering the best spots of the Sint Maarten. During your day, you will see beautiful varied landscapes that will amaze you. So, what are you waiting for to get on board!


  1. Location and Information About Your Daily Trip Around St Maarten
  2. What To Do During Your Day
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Location and Information About Your Daily Trip Around St Maarten

St Maarten, “The Friendly Island,” is a jewel of the Caribbean, distinguished by its unique blend of French and Dutch cultures, offering a rich and diverse experience to its visitors.

 This destination, known for its white sandy beaches bordered by turquoise waters, is a paradise for lovers of diving, sailing, and sunbathing. Beyond its idyllic landscapes, Sint Maarten invites you to discover its tasty Creole gastronomy, colorful markets, and lively nightlife. 

The island is also famous for its warm hospitality, embodying the friendly spirit of the Caribbean. Between exploring lush nature, relaxing on secret beaches, and participating in local festivals, Sint Maarten offers an unforgettable escape in the heart of the Antilles.

Environmental Responsibility

Catamaran Prickly Pear Anguilla charter
Catamaran Prickly Pear Anguilla charter

On the island of Sint Maarten, environmental protection is at the heart of local concerns. Ecological initiatives and programs aim to preserve the unique biodiversity of this Caribbean island. From the restoration of coral reefs to the protection of endemic species, through beach cleaning campaigns and reforestation efforts, Sint Maarten is actively involved in the conservation of its natural and marine landscapes.

Choose Your Boat for the Day!

St Maarten Catamaran Charter

Opting for a catamaran charter provides a balanced experience of comfort and adventure. The stability and spaciousness of catamarans make them a popular choice for families and groups. This luxury yacht charter will make your day easier.

St Maarten Power Catamaran Charter

Power catamaran charters offer a faster and more thrilling journey, ideal for those who want to maximize their time exploring the island’s beauty. The secret place to be is on the top…but be quiet you don’t need to share this information to everybody in your group.

St Maarten Speed Boat Group Boat Charter

Seabob F5S St Martin Anguilla
Seabob F5S St Martin Anguilla

Our fast boat with a luxurious finish will be perfect to be in contact with the island and the sea. This boat will allow you to make the most of your day and do lots of spots and activities.

Add More Fun to Your Trip!

Embark on an exceptional water adventure in Sint Maarten with our selection of state-of-the-art watertoys.

 Between Seabob, E-surf, E-foil, and Crystal kayak, your experience of the crystal clear waters of the island will be revolutionized. Imagine splitting the waves with ease in E-surf, diving into the underwater world with the Seabob, or flying over the ocean with E-foil, offering unique sensations of elevation and speed. 

The Crystal kayak, meanwhile, invites you to a peaceful exploration, allowing you to admire marine life in its natural habitat thanks to its transparent design.

These activities, ideal for having fun with friends or escaping solo, promise to make your stay in Sint Maarten truly memorable. Each watertoy is an open door to a new dimension of pleasure and discovery, allowing you to experience the island from a totally different angle. 

Join us for an experience rich in emotions, where adventure meets the natural beauty of Sint Maarten, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Snorkeling Creole Rock

What to Do During Your Day

Explore Some of the Most Beautiful Seabeds in the Caribbean

Snorkeling enthusiasts will find incredible biodiversity in Sint Maarten’s turquoise waters. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear waters that serve as a sanctuary to an array of sea creatures. 

From elusive lobsters and graceful stingrays to majestic sea turtles, the reef is a vibrant ecosystem waiting to be explored. Behold a kaleidoscope of colorful tropical fish, such as the flamboyant parrotfish and the elegant angelfish, each adding a splash of color to the underwater tableau. 

The experience is enhanced by the convenience of having snorkeling gear readily available on all our luxury charter yachts, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable adventure under the sea. You will have the chance to explore the Natural Reserve of Sint Maarten.

Board a Plane at Maho Beach: It’s as if You Were In

Discover the extraordinary beach of Maho, one of the jewels of the island of Sint Maarten, where the spectacular meets paradise. Unique in its kind, Maho offers a breathtaking experience with planes landing just above your head, creating unforgettable moments.

 Imagine the fine sand under your feet, the turquoise waters as far as the eye can see, and suddenly, the impressive shadow of an airplane that merges with the blue sky before touching the ground, leaving you amazed.

 This beach is not only a place to relax under the Caribbean sun; it is a window onto a fascinating aerial show, offering visitors and aviation enthusiasts unparalleled proximity to these giants of the air. At Maho, each landing is a celebration, an encounter between man and machine, enveloped by the wild beauty of Sint Maarten. Come and experience this magic, where every day promises a new adventure under the bright sun of Maho.

Enjoy Lunch in a Creole Restaurant

In the heart of the island of Sint Maarten, discover the authentic charm of a “Lolo”, this traditional restaurant where Creole cuisine comes to life. In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, let yourself be enchanted by the enticing aromas of fresh fish, juicy ribs, and grilled lobsters to perfection. 

Each bite is a celebration of rich, spicy flavors, a culinary symphony that delights the palate. A Lolo is more than just a restaurant; it is an open door to the culture and hospitality of Sint Maarten, where each meal is shared as a moment of joy and discovery. Come and savor the essence of the Caribbean, where good Creole cuisine awaits you for an unforgettable taste experience.

Your day charter can make you discover these local places.

Enjoy Exclusive Place: Cupecoy Beach

Hidden from view, the beach of Cupecoy in Sint Maarten is a hidden treasure, accessible only by boat. This secret sanctuary is transformed by the winds and tides, offering each visit a new canvas of golden sand bordered by majestic cliffs. The magic of Cupecoy lies in its ephemeral beauty, changing shape and appearance, promising visitors a unique experience every time. It is the perfect getaway for those seeking privacy and breathtaking scenery, away from the crowds, in the heart of the wild nature of the island.

What our guest say about Sint Maarten


Feedback from those who have explored Sint Maarten offers enriching insights. Visitors regularly enjoy pristine beaches, striking turquoise waters and the peaceful atmosphere that reigns on the island. 

The variety of activities on offer is also highly appreciated, making Sint Maarten the ideal place for those looking for rest and thrills.

 The warm welcome and delicious food served in local establishments are frequently cited, helping to make any visit to Sint Maarten unforgettable.

Our services on board during your trip

On board, enjoy premium service: elaborate cocktails, varied menus for all tastes, a crew dedicated to your well-being, watertoys for adventure, tailor-made musical atmosphere, and of course, breathtaking views. Everything is done to make your experience unforgettable.

These services will make you feel at home. Our luxury yacht charter are designed to maximize your well being.

You will also have an access to the wifi (only on Sofia and Vogue), showers to remove salt from the sea after swimming or diving and finally beds all more comfortable than each other

Yacht charter St Martin lunch


For your day

For day advice in our boat around sxm, it is recommended to bring sunscreen, hats and comfortable clothing suitable for beach and water activities. Diving equipment and diving shoes are also recommended for exploring marine life and rocky areas.

Comparison of similar destinations

Sint Maarten has its own charm compared to nearby destinations like Anguilla and St Barth. Each of these islands offers unique experiences, but Sint Maarten stands out for its serene ambience and picturesque scenery, perfect for those who appreciate the quieter side of Caribbean life coupled with the island’s cultural history.

Catamaran Prickly Pear
Catamaran at Prickly Pear




















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