Funseaker Boat Charter – Sunset Saint Martin – Anguilla

  1. Experience the Caribbean Sunset

  2. What We Provide

  3. This This Journey Is For

  4. A Canvas of Memories

  5. Watertoys & Entertainment

  6.  Embark on a Sunset Voyage

  7.  Duration of the Experience

1. Experience the Caribbean Sunset

Welcome to a journey where the sky and sea merge in a color symphony. Our exclusive Funseaker boat charter service invites you to witness the Caribbean’s most serene sunsets around Saint Martin and Anguilla. Ideal for celebrating love, creating memorable moments with friends, or enjoying a family gathering, we offer an experience that combines tranquility with natural beauty.

Your Sunset Voyage Begins

Imagine embarking as the sun commences its grand descent, painting the sky in shades of orange, pink, and red. Our destinations, encompassing the clear waters of Saint Martin and the pristine shores of Anguilla, serve as the perfect setting for this daily spectacle. Choose your destination:

  • At Saint Martin: Navigate along Baie Longue, Cupecoy Bay, Mullet Bay, Simpson Bay, or simply let the ocean guide you around the island.
  • At Anguilla: Discover the calm Prickly Pear, Rendez Vous Bay, Sandy Island, or chart your own path around the island.

Each location offers a distinct viewpoint to enjoy the sunset, with possibilities to see Anguilla from SXM, Saint Martin from Anguilla, or even Saint Barth from Saint Martin.

2. What We Provide

proposal and wedding anguilla
proposal and wedding anguilla

Our charter enhances your sunset viewing with a selection of beverages and tapas, perfect for enjoying as the sun sets. As night approaches, delight in our “Under the Stars” dinner menu, adding a magical touch to your evening.

3. Who This Journey Is For

  • Friends seeking an unmatched setting for connection and celebration.
  • Couples looking for a romantic scene to highlight their affection.
  • Families in search of a special place for a memorable meet-up.

4. A Canvas of Memories

Your charter is not just about the destinations; it’s about the moments you create. From the exciting sight of dolphins jumping at sunset to the


remarkable view of planes landing near Maho or Mullet Beach, every second is a chance for wonder.

5. Watertoys & Entertainment

Enhance your adventure with our selection of watertoys. Ride the waves with an E-surf or E-foil, explore beneath the surface with a crystal kayak, or paddle peacefully on a standup paddleboard. For speed enthusiasts, a Seabob offers thrilling underwater exploration.

Sunset Serenades

Elevate your sunset experience with live music, turning your boat charter into a floating bar with an unmatched ambiance. Our selection of drinks—from cocktails and mocktails to soft drinks—paired with delicious tapas, sets the scene for an evening of relaxation and enjoyment.

6. Embark on a Sunset Voyage

Choosing our Funseaker boat charter means opting for an experience where simplicity meets nature’s most magnificent display. Let the hues of the sunset fill your evening with color, and the comforts of our charter soothe your spirit. In the company of friends, family, or your significant other, the beauty of Saint Martin and Anguilla awaits.

Dive into an evening of enchantment, tranquility, and unforgettable memories with us. Your magical sunset journey around Saint Martin and Anguilla starts here.

7. Duration of the Experience

Whether you’re looking to conclude your day-long boat charter with a breathtaking finale or simply wish to indulge in the sunset for a brief escape, we offer flexible durations to suit your desires. Opt for a full day’s adventure on the waters around Saint Martin and Anguilla, culminating in the sunset, or choose a dedicated 2-hour sunset cruise. This shorter option is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Caribbean sunset, offering a succinct yet unforgettable experience to enrich your evening.


Our clients often share how these moments become the highlights of their holidays, describing the sunsets as “unique experiences to live” filled with “tranquility” and the awe of a “red sunset.” We’re not just offering a boat charter; we’re inviting you to be part of an exclusive event that celebrates the beauty of the Caribbean in a modest yet unforgettable way.










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