Honeytone submarine microphone

Listen to the whales

Hear the sound of the ocean

We made a short video to allow you to understand how magical is this new tool available on our yachts. The Honeytone is a microphone that you put under the water and which is going to allow you to hear the sing from humpback whales and dolphins.

Click below to watch our short video of the Honeytone submarine microphone.

The Honeytone submarine microphone is an incredibly useful and versatile tool for underwater audio recording.
It is designed to provide high-quality audio capture even in the most demanding environments, such as turbulent tidal waters or murky depths.
This microphone features a waterproof construction and can reach depths of up to 500 feet without compromising on sound quality.
It also has a frequency response range of 20Hz-20KHz, allowing it to pick up even the most subtle nuances in sound.
Additionally, its built-in low-noise amplifier ensures that deep low tones and sharp high frequencies can all be delivered with clarity and precision.
The Honeytone submarine microphone is perfect for capturing natural sounds within the environment and creating exciting audio recordings that bring the underwater world alive.

Hear the sound from the ocean
Whale and Funseaker in the back

Credit photo Agnès Etchegoyen

From December to end of April

Every year, humpback whales and dolphins are coming to warm water of the Caribbean Sea for their reproduction. Most of the time, they will stay inside the natural reserve from Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy. Follow their trip and observe their show from one of our yacht. The speedboat stellar would be the best choice to go quick from one spot to another.

Thanks to our brand new Honeytone submarine microphone you will get the sound and the vision!

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Dolphins playing with our catamaran

Chasing the whales with the drone

With the microphone and our drone DJI MAVIC PRO 2, we insure to have the perfect souvenir of your journey among the whales and dolphins. Moreover, we will use the drone to have a better vision about where they are.

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