Snorkeling St Martin

An underwater world of beauty and tranquility

Discovering Saint Martin: An Underwater Paradise

Snorkeling in Saint Martin. This picturesque little island in the northern Caribbean, offers an enchanting experience for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Shared between a French part in the north and a Dutch part in the south, its 67 km of coastline and 35 beaches make it an ideal destination for a sunny vacation.

Adding to the excitement, the exceptional spots of Saint Martin are easily accessible by Funseaker boats. Our vessels will lead you to preserved marine treasures, making each dive as accessible as it is extraordinary. Prepare to explore, live, and marvel beneath the waves of Saint Martin.

The French Part: A Preserved Underwater World for snorkeling

Bay of Galion – Coconut Grove

The Bay of Galion, nicknamed Coconut Grove, is a gem of the French part of the island. Its shallow and protected waters offer an exceptional snorkeling experience, with abundant fish around preserved coral patches.

Happy Bay St Martin snorkeling
Happy Bay St Martin snorkeling

Friar’s Bay and Happy Bay

On the west coast, Friar’s Bay and Happy Bay offer captivating underwater landscapes. Grand Case, the starting point for excursions to Creole Rock, promises dazzling rocky drop-offs, perfect for divers of all levels.

The Islands Around

Explore Tintamarre, Îlet Pinel/Petite Clef, and Caye Verte with their crystalline waters. The wreck of Renée, between Saint Martin and Tintamarre, is a dive for experienced adventurers, while Molly Beday in the southeast will delight divers of all levels.

Snorkeling St Martin
Snorkeling St Martin

Îlet Pinel: A Marine Sanctuary

Pinel Island, classified as a fragile site, is a preserved wonder in the northeast of the island. Its Ecosnorkeling aquatic circuit allows observing corals, multicolored fish, rays, and turtles without disturbing the ecosystem.

Petite Clef: Pelican Refuge
Petite Clef, surrounded by shallow white sandy shoals, is the migratory refuge of pelicans from September to December, offering a unique experience for bird lovers.

The Dutch Part: Underwater Explorations to the West

Mullet Bay and Cupecoy Beach
The Dutch part, south of Saint Martin, is full of snorkeling sites. Mullet Bay and Cupecoy Beach to the west offer a perfect day combining relaxation on the sand and exploration of the underwater world.

Simpson Bay and Indigo Bay/Cay Bay
Simpson Bay offers explorations of wrecks from the shore, while Indigo Bay/Cay Bay on the south coast is one of the most beautiful spots on the island.

Underwater Life: A Dazzling Spectacle
The rich underwater life of Saint Martin includes 35 species of corals and an infinite variety of fish. From angelfish to stingrays, and turtles, each dive reveals a captivating underwater world.


Meeting the Underwater Treasures of Saint Martin

The richness of the island’s underwater biodiversity promises an unparalleled snorkeling experience, with the assurance of observing some of the most extraordinary species that inhabit our crystalline waters.

French Angelfish:

Swim among these colorful creatures, with artistic patterns, brightening coral reefs with their vibrant hues. The French angelfish, with its unsuspected grace, will enchant you with its majestic presence.

Four-Eyed Butterflyfish:

In an intoxicating aquatic dance, the four-eyed butterflyfish will captivate your gaze. Its vibrant colors and graceful behavior make it an essential actor in this underwater symphony.

Green Turtles and Stingrays:

Explore the seagrass beds of the Saint Martin Nature Reserve for an unforgettable encounter with green turtles and stingrays. Their graceful movements in crystal-clear waters add a touch of magic to every dive.

Barracudas and Jacks:

The rocky drop-offs near Grand Case are the preferred habitat for barracudas and jacks. Observe these majestic predators in their natural environment, adding a dose of adrenaline to your exploration.

Moray Eels and Frogfish:

For the intrepid explorers, the corals and rocks shelter mysterious moray eels and camouflaged frogfish. Every nook reveals a new surprise, making each dive a sensory adventure.
Whether you are a novice or an experienced diver, the waters of Saint Martin offer a breathtaking spectacle.

Snorkeling St Martin Creole Rock
Snorkeling St Martin Creole Rock

Equipment Required for an Unforgettable Underwater Adventure

Before diving into the crystalline waters of Saint Martin, our team ensures you are equipped for an unforgettable underwater experience. A diving mask will become your window to a vibrant coral world, while the snorkel will allow you to breathe in harmony with the waves.
Protect your skin from the tropical sun’s rays with UV protection clothing or an ocean-friendly sunscreen. Ensure that each piece of equipment is comfortable, fitted, and ready to accompany you on this aquatic adventure.
In Saint Martin, the equipment becomes the companion of your immersion, connecting you intimately to the underwater life. Prepare to dive into a sensory experience where each bubble, each coral rustle, becomes a part of your own underwater story.

Onboard Crystal Kayaks and Paddleboards

On our luxurious vessels, we also offer the opportunity to discover the magic of crystal-clear waters through our Crystal Kayaks. These transparent vessels allow you to silently glide above the underwater richness, offering a breathtaking view of the subaquatic world.
For those who prefer a more active approach, our Paddleboards invite you to paddle gently on the ocean’s surface, providing a unique snorkeling experience. Dive, explore, then paddle back onto your board for an incomparable panoramic view.

Aboard Funseaker’s Luxurious Fleet

Aboard the sumptuous vessels of the prestigious Funseaker company, such as the elegant catamaran Vogue51ft, the nimble speedboat Stellar34ft, and the refined sailboat Sofia51fr, an extraordinary adventure awaits you. Prepare to dive into the heart of our underwater treasures and explore the diversity of our most exceptional species, ensuring an unparalleled sense of wonder. Embark on an immersive adventure, where luxury meets discovery, and each journey becomes a enchanting symphony with the hidden wonders of our planet.
Welcome aboard, where the extraordinary becomes your daily travel companion.