AVAILABLE FROM DECEMBER 20th 2023 for charter

FUNSEAKER YACHTING Introduces Sofia, A New Ecological and Luxurious Sailing Catamaran

Meet Sofia, an Eco-Friendly Luxury Catamaran Set to Transform Adventures around St Martin and Anguilla

FUNSEAKER YACHTING, a leader in luxury day charter yachting in St Martin and Anguilla, proudly announces the arrival of its latest gem, Sofia, a state-of-the-art Lagoon 51 catamaran. Currently crossing the Atlantic, this maritime marvel epitomizes the pinnacle of eco-friendly luxury cruising around the serene waters of St Martin and Anguilla.

Le Sofia: A Benchmark for Eco-Luxury catamaran charter

Sofia is distinguished not only by its sleek design and premium amenities but also by its commitment to sustainability. Outfitted with solar panels, this catamaran exemplifies FUNSEAKER YACHTING’s dedication to environmentally responsible sailing, offering a cruising experience that perfectly blends luxury with ecological awareness.

LAGOON 51 Sailing catamaran St Martin

Luxury sailing catamaran charter from St Martin and Anguilla

Sail around the Caribbean jewels on board Sofia, where each day unveils a new discovery. Whether diving into crystal-clear waters or relaxing on the spacious deck, Sofia offers the perfect escape for those seeking a blend of adventure, luxury, and sustainability.

A Plethora of Water Toys for Every Taste

Aboard Sofia, passengers will discover an extensive array of water toys. From floating mats and stand-up paddleboards to a two-person kayak, top-notch snorkeling gear, and an underwater scooter, there’s something to satisfy every marine adventure desire.

watersport Saint Martin

The arrival of Sofia at FUNSEAKER YACHTING marks a new era in responsible luxury cruising. Come and experience the beauty of St Martin and Anguilla aboard this exceptional catamaran, where every moment promises to be as memorable as it is harmonious with the environment.