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The Pioneers of Private Yacht Charter In St Martin Anguilla St Barth

Have you ever experienced an exclusive, luxurious, and affordable private yacht charter experience in the Caribbean? With Funseaker Yacht Charters, you can make this dream come true!

Funseaker Yacht Charter is an experienced company that has been offering private yacht charters in St. Martin/Anguilla/St. Barth for many years. We are the pioneers of private yacht charter in this part of the Caribbean. Our knowledgeable and experienced captains deeply understand these waters, allowing you to enjoy your special occasion with total peace of mind.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner, a private party, or a leisurely day out on the sea, our boat charters are ideal for all kinds of activities.

Furthermore, our yachts are fully equipped with the latest amenities and features, including comfortable cabins, flybridge seating and open decks for complete relaxation. We offer a variety of packages that cater to any budget or preference, so you’ll be sure to get the perfect yacht charter experience when you book with us.

You can book charters for:

St Barth
St Martin
St Anguilla

Explore ST Barth On A Luxurious Journey – Charter Around St Barth

Funseaker Yachting offers the perfect Boat Charter St Barth experience for families, couples, and groups. We provide bookings for a day around St Barth or to explore the nearby islands with an overnight stay; Funseaker Yacht is here to make it happen.

We also provide luxurious yacht charter services in St Barth, including a captain and crew and experts in the area. Our yacht charter ST Barth services can take you to hidden beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and provide you with unique cultural experiences.

So if you want to explore the beauty of St Barth while enjoying all the comforts on board your own private yacht, Funseaker Yacht will serve you well.
Ride On The Caribbean Waters With Style – Charter Around St Martin
Funseaker Boat Charter offers an experience that’s unique from all the other boat charters on St Martin. Choose from a range of luxurious yachts, catamarans, and motorboats, each offering something different for your sailing charter.

Our team will help you to find the perfect Yacht Charter st Martin or Catamaran Charter st Martin, for your trip. Whether you are looking for a private charter for your family or just a few friends, Funseaker Boat Charter will offer something to suit your needs and exceed your expectations. We can also arrange special packages that include fishing trips, snorkeling tours, and other activities on the island.

A Luxurious Sea Voyage – Charter Around St Anguilla

A boat charter Anguilla is the perfect choice for a luxury motor yacht in this Caribbean paradise. Our crewed yachts offer access to many secluded areas around Anguilla that can only be reached by boat. We are always ready to plan unforgettable itineraries to meet your needs and desires.

Our yacht charter Anguilla comes with experienced crew members who can provide you with excellent service throughout the journey. They will know exactly where to find idyllic anchorages, beaches, watersports activities, and local attractions.

Lastly, our Catamaran charter Anguilla provides the perfect setting for a group of friends or a family that wants to have an experience they will never forget. Our catamarans are spacious, stable, and well-equipped with kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and other amenities to ensure you have the most comfortable journey possible.

So book your charter now and start planning an unforgettable adventure with Funseaker Yacht.

Our Tailor Made Yacht Charter Around St Martin, Anguilla, And St Barth

Funseaker Yacht offers a unique adventure tailored to your tastes. We provide the perfect charter experience with our brand-new yachts, so no surprise when you arrive onboard – everything is clean and modern!

Our yachts range from the luxurious 51 ft power catamaran Leopard 51PC Vogue to the stylish 34 ft motor yacht Stellar from the Brazilian brand Schaeffer model V33.

Our customizable music system means your day will feel like a dream movie, and our wide selection of water toys ensure you can make the most of your time on the waves.

With Funseaker Yacht, you’ll never have to worry about missing out – we have something for everyone, from families to couples and small groups of friends. Explore the beautiful islands of St Martin, Anguilla, and St Barth with Funseaker Yacht – your perfect tailor-made adventure awaits!

Water Toys And Activities

Enjoy a variety of water toys and activities, so you can make the most of your time on the sea. Whether you are looking for a relaxing day or an adventure-filled ride, Funseaker has something to offer.

For those who want to explore their adventurous side, try the JetSurf GP100 or Seabob F5S. Both of these provide an exciting way to ride the waves and enjoy the sun.

In case, you’re more into spending a leisurely day at sea, try paddleboarding, giant floating carpet, or pool saddling with our top-of-the-line equipment.

For an adrenaline-pumping activity, try slingshot tubing, waterskiing, or Jet Surf Onean Carver Twin.

We also offer snorkeling gear, allowing you to discover the fascinating underwater world of fish and coral reefs around the coast.

Looking for a spot to enjoy the sunset or sunrise? Our live music or DJ options will keep the party going all night long. With delicious food and drinks, you’ll make memories to last a lifetime.